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A short biography about Chef Robert

  • Here’s a little about Chef Robert… He knew wanted to be a chef after countless experiences cooking with his father. He also was involved in a commercial kitchen starting at the age of twelve. He sharpened his talent and learned the basics by participating in high school programs. He expanded his experience through culinary school at Dallas Community College and Johnson & Wales University.

    Chef Robert’s professional life has been in several commercial kitchens in the Dallas area. After several years, he soon realized his passion was having his own restaurant and catering company. He found his place in Sherman, TX after opening a successful restaurant in Kelly Square for eight years. Since then he has continued his catering company in his kitchen at Willowood Ranch serving a variety of people and occasions for over 25 years.

    His love for cooking now comes from making unique menus for each client whether it is for a wedding, a business lunch, or a holiday meal for a family. He hosts a variety of events for the guests at Willowood Ranch and other locations throughout Texoma. He has even been known to host a cooking party to teach patrons his style of cooking and let them have hands on experience. No matter what, most days you can usually find Chef Robert tinkering around in a kitchen.

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    Photo by Jacki Lee of Jimmages

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  • robert@chefrobertaranson.com